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Omni Coupling System

Omni Coupling System

Smith-Blair’s Omni Coupling System utilizes the tremendous tensile strength of ductile iron to your best advantage.

Applying the principles of space age technology to engineer a product as basic as a pipe coupling might seem ill advised to some.  However, many subtle advantages, now available only from Smith-Blair, have resulted – advantages such as using the proper thickness and volume of gasket rubber to provide greatly expanded range coverage, or inaugurating the optimum angle at which a gasket should mate with the sleeve while improving the grip on the pipe. Lighter weight and fewer parts also make for many obvious advantages.

Within each nominal pipe size, from 2” through 16”, the nucleus of the Omni Coupling System is the center sleeve. A host of interchangeable components – follower flanges, gaskets, collars and end caps – within each nominal pipe size are compatible with the center sleeve. By selecting the proper color coded follower flanges and gaskets to exactly fit the pipe you want to join, will be covered for either straight or transition coupling. Collars to accommodate cut—in coupling and end caps for line testing or permanent capping are also compatible and interchangeable with all of the other components. In addition to these interchangeable components, which allow you to accommodate straight coupling, transition coupling, cut-in coupling and end capping, there are three available reduction sleeves, which utilize all of the same interchangeable components for reduction coupling between adjacent nominal pipe sizes from 2” through 8” nominal size.


Smith Blair Service Saddles

Smith Blair Service Saddles

Smith-Blair offers the most complete line of Service Saddles in the industry for fast, dependable tapping of all types of pipes.

Such outstanding features as the Taper Seal gasket, heavy forges bales, and wrap around design that reinforces and supports the pipe, are combined in superior service saddles to provide low initial cost, ease of installation, and excellent lasting qualities.

Increased protection against corrosion is available with the use of Smith Blair Flexi-Blue epoxy coating or all stainless steel saddles. These products give you the option to select the degree of corrosion resistance necessary for your application.

In addition to the primary use tapping pipe to provide branch connections, Smith-Blair Service Saddles are widely used for such special applications as installing air and vacuum valves, pilot tubes and other equipment, and as pipe hangers and sign mounting brackets.

Smith-Blair Service Saddles are available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and materials for use on all types of pipe, in all types of environmental conditions, to make taps ranging from 5/8”.