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MEGALUG Joint Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe

The Megalug Series 1100 joint restraint for mechanical joint fittings used on ductile iron pipe is the “flagship” of the EBAA product line. The Megalug restraint uses a series of individually actuated gripping wedges to positively engage the pipe surface while allowing joint deflection both before and after the installation. This wedging action offers high-pressure restraint capability for mechanical joint fittings, valves, hydrants, and pipe with 3 through 16” being rated at 350psi and the larger sizes rated at 250psi. All sizes are tested to a minimum on 2:1 safety factor. This product line is offered for use on 3 through 48” pipe of all classes and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. in the 3 through 24” sizes while also Factory Mutual Approved, file number EX2836, in the 3 through 12’ sizes.
MEGALUG Joint Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe

A split version of the 1100, called the series 1100SD, can be used to restrain existing ductile iron pipe without the need to remove the fitting. Push on joint pipe bells adjacent to fittings are restrained using the series 100HD split harness or the solid series 1700 harness.

The 1100 can be used to restrain 3-8” SCH40 steel pipe when joining to mechanical joint appurtenances. It can also be used on steel pipe in all sizes if the pipe outside diameter is the same as ductile iron pipe and its thickness is equal to or greater than PC250 ductile iron pipe in sizes sixteen inch and below and PC250 ductile iron pipe for sizes eighteen inch and above. Additionally, the 100 can be oversized to restrain gray cast iron pipe of class A through D in most sizes.