Waterworks Division

PVC Fittings for C900 Pipe
Harco Class 150 PVC Fittings

High Strength

Harco PVC fittings are injection molded from virgin PVC compound for the same high strength and corrosion resistance you are now receiving from the C-900 pipe. Harco PVC fittings make possible an all PVC system. Fittings are designed for 150psi working pressure and meet DR18 requirements of AWWA C-900.


Use of high strength PVC results in much lower fitting weights, which means easier handling, faster installation, less freight and lower costs. Installers prefer the Harco fittings because of the productivity increases and cost reductions.

Gasketed Joint

Harco's push-on joint, with the gasket seated in a deep square groove, provides a tight seal and protects the pipeline from shock, vibration and earth movement, allowing the pipeline expansion and contraction.


Harco PVC fittings routinely exceed 1000psi quick burst pressure tests. Quality control is strictly maintained through all steps of manufacturing.


Harco PVC fittings are available in sizes 4", 6", and 8". They fit all brands of AWWA C-900 pipe manufactured to cast iron O.D.'s.