Waterworks Division

Mueller Co.

Mueller Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

Features of the 2"-12" Resilient Wedge Gate Valve:

Triple "O"-ring stem seals -- The top "O"-ring serves as a dirt seal.  The lower "O"-ring isolates the stem thrust collar bearing area from the water way. The upper two "O"-rings can easily be replaced in the line while the valve is  under pressure in the open position.
Forged bronze stem and thrust collar -- This time-tested Mueller design has two thrust washers and has repeatedly proven its superior strength over cast stems.
Bronze stem nut -- The nut is electrically-isolated from the iron in the wedge for corrosion resistance.  The nut is held tightly in place to resist stem binding.
Polymer wedge guide bearing caps -- Provide a bearing interface between the rubber-encapsulated wedge and the interior epoxy coating, contributing to easy operation and removing wear as a concern.
Oversize, full round, smooth bottom flow way -- The bottom has no grooves or recesses that could collect sediment or debris and compromise the seal. Accommodates full-size shell cutters with ample clearance during tapping operations.
Superior epoxy coating -- The valve is covered inside and out with the Mueller HP Epoxy, complying with AWWA C550 and certified to NSF 61.
Integral legs -- Flats cast in the bottom of the valve body let the valve stand upright in storage or during installation.
RWGV 2"-12"